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What’s SO good about The Car Boot Dog Bed Company’s products  ?

Our aim is to save your valuable time. Why waste it cleaning your car when you could enjoy a longer walk with your four legged friends or be doing something else as enjoyable.  Quality Time well spent is one of the most precious things on earth.

Most dog beds are wipe clean. Can I machine wash my car boot dog bed ?

Yes you can.  The great advantage is that your car won’t be left smelling of man’s best friend.

What products do I wash my dog bed with ?

As with all pet bedding, to avoid itching and any allergic reactions, (which many of today’s harsh chemicals cause) and to prolong the waterproof quality of your Car Boot Dog Bed, we recommend you use a mild machine soap suitable for delicate clothing, sensitive skin etc.

My dog loves digging his bed when he gets in the car, will the Car Boot Dog Beds stay put when he does this ?

We suggest you opt for the Car Boot Dog Bed rather than a mat. This has the fender on 3 sides, held securely by tough, top quality stud fasteners in the corners.  It is far more difficult for a dog to “ruck up” these beds than the straightforward reversible Car Boot Dog Bed Mats.