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Top tips to keep your canine cool

  • Walk early and late in the day if this is possible.
  • Check the ground temperature where you walk – would you be happy temperature wise barefoot on it ?
  • Man made surfaces can be dangerously hot for dogs.
  • If your dog is hot DO NOT feed ice cubes or offer ice cold water – these will tell the body to heat up even further and can be extremely dangerous.
  • If your dog is hot DO soak towelling with tepid water to wick away heat from his/her body and lay it on the floor or his bed. If you don’t want a wet floor or dog bed use one of our reversible MATS. Soak towelling side only and the waterproof side will prevent a wet slippery floor.
  • Whilst it is extremely hot try the same method in your car. Use wet towelling or one of our waterproof/towelling reversible mats, towelling side up to help cool your dog on any essential journey.