Sustainability Ethos

The Car Boot Dog Bed Company is proud of the quality of its beds, they are made from durable materials, the toughest waterproof fabric we could find, anti-pill fleece to prevent it "balling up" and good quality towelling for quick absorption of water,  With normal use, our products should be long lasting in a "disposable age".

We try very hard to be concious of our increasingly delicate world and wherever possible avoid plastic material wastage and keep the product travel miles as short as possible.

The "left over" towelling from our core products is used for our "Handy Paw Towels". They do vary a little in width but are a bargain price and very useful.  They make great personalised gifts too with a little help from our in-house embroidery service.

At shows all our merchandise is sold in recycled sturdy, unbleached carrier bags. We are still working on sourcing viable recycle-able plastic mail bags for the postal system, but we are trying our best to be eco friendly as possible.

All our Car Boot Dog Beds and mats are made in England. We do not sell from any outlets other than from our stall at various dog shows, so you can rest assured that "product miles" are kept to a minimum.